Apple iPhone Production Started in INDIA – Good News!

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iPhone 11, iPhone XR and iPhone SE 2020 Price Drop

So guys before coming to the news you need to know couple of things first of all Apple orders different parts from different companies and manufacture said with a contract based companies and currently Apple is having 3 contract based manufacturers First is Foxconn, Second is Wistron, and Third is pegatron.

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Currently in India Wistron and Foxconn are having their manufacturing units, but till today Pegatron as never came in India according to the recent news it is looking like Pegatron is trying its level best to enter into India. All of the top executives working at Pegatron are approaching all of the state representative and planning to set a deal will get current date.


There are approaching to all of the states in India and looking for a suitable place. After they get the land they will start the manufacturing plant and later on order the latest machineries. If all of the latest technology will come in the Indian plants and all of the flagship level iPhone can be manufactured in India.

Well guy’s currently because of this particular move all of the three major manufacturers of Apple and coming India and because of not just we will see a 20% to 30% price drop in iPhone. Also lots of people then get employment and many people trying to work at apple. If this news come true and many people will get Job opportunities and is in 2018 and 2019 Apple was the top company in China.

Now if Apple will shift toward India, Apple will not just become the biggest exporter of iPhones in India but also Indian economy will get a major boost. This entire process will take a lot of time but this doesn’t mean that it will not happen quickly, take example of Foxconn & Wistron, currently there are improving the scale of production. From next month the price tense of the iPhone SE 2020 will reduce possibly and the price that can come around Rs.35000, example of the iPhone XR it is currently being manufactured in India from last year, but still the priced and width of substantially it will drop off 5k to 10k rupees. iPhone 11 in the month of November December the production will start in India.

when and who knows if the advanced Technologies come in India in the iPhone 12 manufacturing might also be this was all of the information which I wanted to provide in my today’s article and is if you like to stay updated recording Apple ecosystem then don’t forget to like the article.


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