Avast SecureLine VPN Review 2020: Speed, Performance, Safety, Security, Support, etc.

Avast VPN Review: Speed, Performance, Safety, Security, Support, etc.
Avast VPN Review

Avast SecureLine VPN Review 2020: Speed, Performance, Safety, Security, Support, etc.

Avast SecureLine VPN is strong assistance impelled by one of the overall pioneers in front line cybersecurity things for customers and associations. The association starting at now guarantees an enormous number of people by realizing the latest man-made mental aptitude and AI developments to recognize and stop perils logically.

Avast SecureLine VPN Speed and Performance

Our testing bunch arranged in Belgrade, Serbia (Europe) attempted Avast SecureLine VPN in order to choose the effects of its encryption on affiliation speeds and check its overall execution. We attempted 16 laborers over the hour of multi-week and most by far of them outfitted us with strong presentations and somewhat disgraceful speeds.

Our top performers were the laborers in Paris and Amsterdam, followed by Dallas, Frankfurt, and London. The claimed “Gotham City” region (as a general rule New York) moreover gave all of us that anybody could require juice to stream Netflix US with no buffering issues.

The most extremely dreadful displays were recorded in Mexico and Japan, which made sense of how to hold simply 15.23% and 20.82% of our extraordinary speed, exclusively.

Avast SecureLine VPN Supported Platforms

Avast SecureLine VPN supports the most renowned stages, including:

Windows – 7 (SP1 and higher), 8/8.1 (except for RT and Starter), and 10 (beside RT and Starter). The latest interpretation of Avast VPN doesn’t support Windows XP and Vista. In case you are running these systems, you can download variation 5.0.407, yet note this is a more settled version of the item and doesn’t get any updates.

macOS – Version 10.12 or later (64-piece processors specifically).

Android – 5.0 Lollipop, API 21, and higher.

iOS – Version 9.3 and higher.

Projects – Apart from its prohibitive program, Avast VPN gives its customers submitted increases for Chrome and Firefox.

Avast SecureLine VPN doesn’t reinforce Windows Phone, WebOS, Symbian, Bada, or switches.

Avast VPN Review: Speed, Performance, Safety, Security, Support, etc.
Avast SecureLine VPN Review

Avast SecureLine VPN Servers

Avast SecureLine VPN starting at now works laborers in 30+ countries and 50+ urban networks, with more territories, included routinely. Truth be told, this isn’t an unnecessarily stunning laborer mastermind, especially when differentiated and likely the best names in the domain of VPNs. In any case, it is all that anybody could require in case you don’t have any exorbitantly particular wants.

Avast SecureLine VPN gives its customers endless exchange speed and specialist trading. With respect to speed, Avast VPN laborers have a speculative yield of 2 Gb/s, yet the association surrenders that you for the most part get someplace near 400 and 500 Mb/s, regardless, during specialist over-loads.

Avast SecureLine VPN Safety and Security

Avast SecureLine VPN uses the OpenVPN affiliation show on Windows and Android contraptions and IPsec on macOS and iOS. OpenVPN runs over UDP, which thinks about more speed when streaming and furthermore torrenting. The macOS and iOS applications depend on Apple’s prohibitive stacks for a complete execution and comparability.

During our tests for this Avast SecureLine VPN overview, we didn’t experience any DNS or IP spills, so you don’t have to worry over Avast VPN discharging your sensitive information or revealing your genuine zone or IP address.

Avast SecureLine VPN Logging and Privacy

Avast is a GDPR-predictable association headquartered in the Czech Republic, which isn’t a bit of an overall undercover usable framework yet DOES have neighborly relations with the Five Eyes affiliation.

Taking into account that, let us go over the information accumulated by Avast:

Singular data – Name, phone number, email address, publicizing tendencies, login mystery key, IP address, portion card number, and electronic life accounts.

Charging data – Name, postage data, charge card number, and your name and charging address. Account data – Name, email address, physical area, phone number, date of birth, sexual direction, photo, and interests.

Gadget data – Hardware, working structure, city/country, program, botch logs, frameworks, and applications running on your contraption.

Organization data – Referral page, visited URLs, thing events, and error logs.

Note that your IP address is perhaps accumulated when you download the item and the association never stores it in order to interface your traffic with your contraption. If you download a free convenient type of any Avast programming, your IP will be recorded to connect centered for advancements with you. Avast in like manner uses treats, examination, and crash uncovering instruments.

Avast SecureLine VPN in Streaming

Avast SecureLine VPN was not exceptionally eager about geo-taunting limited moving organizations already yet has starting late decided to allow its customers to get to Netflix US outside its country of source. Accordingly, during our tests, we had the choice to get to the US adjustment of Netflix from Europe without any issues. We furthermore made sense of how to stream Netflix Germany, yet Canada, France, and Japan served us with the outstanding go-between botch.

Avast VPN Review: Speed, Performance, Safety, Security, Support, etc.
Avast VPN Review

Avast SecureLine VPN Plans and Pricing

Avast offers 1-month and furthermore 1/2/3-year participation decisions for the maintained stages. The expenses go as follows:

Windows – multi month ($8.99), 1 year ($59.99), 2 years ($109.99)

macOS – multi month ($8.99), 1 year ($39.99), 2 years ($59.99)

Android and iOS – multi-month ($2.99), 1 year ($19.99)

Multi-device – multi month ($8.99), 1 year ($79.99), 2 years ($149.99), 3 years ($219.99)

Avast SecureLine VPN Support

Beside its FAQ portion and data base, Avast gives customer help through its ticket structure. There is in like manner a phone number you can require a free assurance. You can get to the system conversation to share your experiences, present requests, and get acquainted with the organization and VPNs all things considered. At long last, you can send direct messages on Avast electronic life and endeavor to get some help that way.

Having said that, we would regardless support a live talk completed on the official site and we totally trust Avast will offer this value later on. Right when we arrived at the association, the consideration staff was capable and neighborly and made sense of how to address the sum of our requests.

Supports the most popular platforms
Seamless performance without disconnects
Up to 5 simultaneous connections
Decent speeds
Unlimited bandwidth and server switching
Solid security package
Automatic killswitch
No activity logs
Works with Netflix US
Torrenting is allowed on some servers
7-day free trial
30-day money-back guarantee
Small server network
Does not support routers


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