Best laptop stands for Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air


Apple’s MacBooks are great, but – as with all laptops – using one isn’t that great for your back or neck.

Continual bowing of the head to see a screen can lead to a stiff neck and what doctors call spinal stenosis, which can compress blood vessels and displace nerves – cutting off blood supply to the brain. That’s not a good thing.

Your screen should be at a comfortable height that doesn’t make you bend your neck down to see it. Try to make sure your eyes are in line with the screen while sitting with a straight back.

This also helps when making video calls, so the other people aren’t staring up your nostrils. It also makes using a separate keyboard and mouse much easier. See our roundups of the best Mac keyboards and best Mac mouse.

And, after use, you can hide away your keyboard under the raised stand on some.

Some stands raise the laptop to eye level, and others – known as “vertical stands” – just keep the MacBook closed for minimal desk disruption if you have connected external displays to increase your screen size – learn how to set up a second screen for a Mac.

The eye-level laptop stands will also be more ergonomic, raising the MacBook screen so that you are not straining your neck muscles, shoulders and back. It should also reduce screen glare, which means less eye strain and fewer headaches.

Buy a vertical laptop stand to keep your desk tidy and free up space for other stuff – be that a charger for your iPhone, backup hard disk, or a cup of coffee.

Both types of stand should also raise the laptop, raising it off the desk and keeping it cooler. If a laptop gets too hot, its performance is likely to suffer.

A laptop stand also works nicely with a MacBook docking station, which can multiply the number of ports and slots available to you and allow for multiple larger displays.

UGreen’s X-Kit stand even has its own integrated USB-C hub, which is a very clever addition.

We’ve rounded up the best laptop stands for MacBook that we can find. Most mimic the clean metal lines of the MacBook range, while others think differently.

Twelve South Curve – Best open MacBook stand

Twelve South Curve

Satechi Aluminum Laptop Stand – Best portable MacBook stand

Satechi Aluminum Laptop Stand

Ugreen X-Kit – Best portable laptop stand with built-in USB-C hub

UGreen X-Kit laptop stand hub

Bestand Aluminum Cooling Stand – Best stand for cooling laptop

Bestand Aluminum Laptop Cooling Stand

Rain Design mTower – Best minimal closed stand

Rain Design mTower MacBook Stand

Twelve South BookArc – Most elegant laptop stand

Twelve South BookArc for MacBook

Henge Vertical Dock – Best closed MacBook stand dock

Henge Vertical Dock

Satechi Universal Vertical Aluminum Laptop Stand – Simple closed stand

Satechi Aluminum Universal Laptop Stand

Belk MacBook Laptop Stand – Best wooden stand

Belk MacBook Laptop Stand

OMoton Vertical Laptop Stand – Simple closed stand

OMoton Vertical Laptop Stand

Lention Aluminum Laptop Stand – Best adjustable closed stand

Lention Aluminum Laptop Stand

You might also consider one of our best monitor stands for PC or Mac, which can also raise your laptop. Satechi even has a special iMac stand that really looks the part.


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