Best Lightning Cables for iPhone or iPad 2020


Most new Apple products ship with a Lightning cable. This works with the Lightning port on all current iPhones and iPads bar the iPad Pro, which instead uses USB-C.

But one iPhone or iPad charging cable is never enough, whether it gets damaged through wear and tear, is misplaced, borrowed or stolen, or you would simply find it more convenient to have multiple cables in your home, office, and car than carry around a single cable at all times. 

Very often older cables begin to show signs of damage, often exposing the internal wire. The countdown is now on to replace your iPhone cable before you find yourself unable to charge your device (a wireless charger might alternatively save the day).

You can go direct to Apple, but you may be put off by the price of its standard USB to Lightning cable. Many alternatives are available including short cable options, as we’ll outline below. Some of them are prettier, tougher or potentially even longer – just don’t buy a cheap Lightning cable

Some claim to be unbreakable, others can switch connector heads using magnets, and others ditch USB-A altogether for USB-C. But all feature Lightning, which is what you are after, right?

Apple Lightning to USB cable – Most Trusted

Apple USB-A to Lightning Cable

Nomad Kevlar Lightning Cable – Best Rugged with Universal Connecting Options

NOMAD Kevlar Lightning Cable

Fucite SuperCoil Mag Cable Lightning – Best tidy Lightning cable

Fucite SuperCoil Mag Cable Lightning

UNBREAKcable Lightning cables – Best Budget

UNBREAKcable USB-Lightning iPhone Charger Cable

StarTech Short Lightning cable – Best Short Lightning Cable 15cm (6in) Short Lightning Cable

Xcentz xSuperFly Plus Lightning Cable – Best Rugged & Colourful

Xcentz xSuperFly Plus Lightning Cable

Mous FlexLine Lightning cable – Best Rugged Cable

Mous FlexLine Lightning cable

Moshi USB Cable with Lightning Connector – Best for In-Car use

Moshi USB Cable with Lightning Connector

Nomad Ultra Rugged Lightning – Best Affordable & Rugged with Tie

Nomad Ultra Rugged Lightning Cable

Fuse Chicken Titan Loop – Best Design

Fuse Chicken Titan Loop

AmazonBasics Lightning cables – Cheapest

AmazonBasics Lightning to USB cable

Belkin Lightning cables – Best Non-Rugged & Colourful

Belkin Lightning to USB cable

Anker Lightning cables – Best Budget Rugged Cable

Anker Nylon Braided USB cable

Syncwire iPhone Lightning Charging Cable – Best Value

Syncwire Lightning iPhone Charger Cable


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