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Big Camera Changes Coming For iPhone 13 – Images


The Indian technology site Mysmartprice on 13 April published images that seem to indicate that the cameras on the back of the iPhone 13 will have a different placement

The new iPhone cameras will be placed diagonally, rather than vertically as they are currently.

Exactly why Apple would change the placement of the cameras is unclear, but it may have something to do with AR (augmented reality).

It is also claimed that only the two pro models will be equipped with LiDAR sensors, something that can also be useful in AR apps.

The images also indicate that the front camera will also get a new location as a result of the size of the notch changing. There may even be talk of a dual camera set up on the front.

There has previously been talk of relatively small changes in the cameras themselves, with Apple expected to focus on better software instead. Better software should equate to improved image quality.

Of course we can’t vouch for the legitimacy of the images obtained by Mysmartprice.

We have all the latest news about the iPhone 13 camera plus you can read all the latest rumours and leaks about the iPhone 13 in our 2021 iPhone news hub.

Based on a report from Macworld Sweden

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