Black Shark 3S OS JoyOS 12 get New features like USB Screen mirroring, motion controls and many more

Black Shark 3S New features like USB Screen mirroring, motion controls and many more
Black Shark 3S New features like USB Screen mirroring, motion controls and many more

The full uncover of the Black Shark 3S isn’t for 2 or three days, however a sneak check out some of the new highlights shows how the group behind the handset intends to form it a definitive gaming telephone.

The Black Shark 3S will run the foremost recent JOYUI 12, which has picked up help for screen reflecting over USB 3.0 (with the quality USB Video Class convention that webcams use, for instance). If you want to use USB Mirroring, you connect the phone to a PC, run the application of Black Shark and you see the telephone’s screen on the PC at 60 fps

(the phone’s comes with 120 Hz AMOLED screen).

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The application takes your console and mouse info and advances them to the phone (you can alter the controls, obviously). this is often exhibited beneath for messing around, yet it’ll work for any kind of application.

In the event that you simply got to play utilizing only the phonephone , it bolsters movement controls to reinforce the touch screen. The gyrator tracks the telephone’s developments, so you’ll perform one among six motions just by flicking the phonephone a selected way. This exposes your fingers by allowing you to appoint, say, exchanging weapons, or slithering to at least one of those motions.

On the off chance that you simply need far more controls, there is a clasp thereon includes shoulder keys. These are really perfect with different telephones also , not simply the Black Shark 3S.

Another new JOYUI 12 element is that the supposed “Game Barrage”. This shows warnings from SMS, WeChat, QQ, et al. overlayed on the sport screen. Not in the least like talk heads, these really show the complete message. you’ll control the content shading and therefore the obscurity of the messages, yet they’re smarter to be some sifting to stay this from getting too nasty.

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The product likewise acknowledges voice orders so you’ll take a screen capture, begin recording the screen, answer calls, and more without taking your fingers off the controls.

Talking about JOYUI 12, here’s a secret for the foremost recent rendition of Black Shark 3S custom programming. Note that there’ll be a Tencent release of the phone also.


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