Dropping iPhone Charger ‘Saves 861,000 Tons Of Metal’

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As of the most recent generation of handsets, Apple stopped shipping chargers with its iPhone models as standard, which meant that customers had to pay extra to add one or (as was supposedly the intention) re-use a charger from a previous purchase. Reaction was mixed between appreciation of the expected environmental benefits of this policy and cynicism about its associated cost savings for Apple – but a new Environmental Progress Report at least suggests that the move’s green credentials are sound.

Among other things, the report (which Engadget, among others, has reported on) claims that Apple is saving 861,000 tons of copper, zinc and tin each year by dropping the power charger from the box.

A pallet can also ship 70% more units than was possible with the previous generation, for the simple reason that the charger-free box is considerably smaller. This reduces shipping costs and, again, demands on environmental resources.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.

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