How to Create a Website in the easiest way

How to Create a Website in the easiest way
How to Create a Website in the easiest way

Hello, and I will show you How to Make a Website and Earn money online. We don’t need any coding knowledge to create a website, and anyone can make a website and earn money from it. This is a straightforward and easy way to build a website. We can make any website like a portfolio website, photography website, shopping website. I’ll talk about the necessary steps to create a website, and later on, I’ll show you how to earn from it.

To make a website first, we have to get a domain name for our website, for example,,, etc. it’s our site web identity, and the domain name cost us approximately $9 to $15 per year, and this is the only money we spend to make a website once. we get the domain name then we need to connect our domain to the hosting platform. ( hosting like storage of our website content and the content means our website images, videos, posts design, etc. this is free; we don’t have to pay anything for hosting once, we committed our domain to Hosting platform. Then we need to change our website design template as our choice. In these tutorials, I’ll walk you through how to upload a very professional website theme, and these advanced themes are super easy to upload, and we don’t have to pay anything for it. The last and final step is to complete our website is to customize our site is our preferences. I will walk you through how to customize a website like an upload website logo, change website colors and fonts, post articles, and many more.


Now I will show you the essential guide to earning money online from the website once we create a website. We unlock so many ways to make money, but here I will show you “How to earn money from Google Adsense?”. This is the best option in high paying sites while we want to earn online. There are four necessary steps to make money from Adsense. I will walk you through all four levels and details later on. I will show some ads since earning proof here you can see today’s earning from Google Adsense. let’s get started to create a website with step by step

First of all, we need to get a domain name for our website, so open the link, and once you clicked on the link redirect to Hostinger is a very trusted and best web domain and hosting seller company. When you search domain name, try to choose a short title and related to our business. You are free to choose any domain name, but if you follow the steps, you may be a twinning domain name for your business, try to choose a short and unique name. Short and unique names always easy to remember and make you stand out from the crowd, for example, We can create domain names by tweak our names with our profession. This is also the best way to make our brand, for instance, digital John calm You are planning to create a website that primary visitors traffic source from search engine sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many more. Using a keyword in the domain name is the best option, for example, if you are planning to create a website for free music, then your main keyword is free music now if you choose a domain name like best Your website has more chances to get a higher rank on the search engine for the free music keyword; thus, you can grow your site fast with free visitor traffic from search engines. There are so many domain extension available, but the most popular domain extension is .com and we also recommended you to choose .com but if your website only targets specific country then select the country extension .if you want like .us for US businesses and citizens .uk for the United Kingdom, .sia for Canada, .in for India, .eu for European Union, .de for Germany. Follow two simple rules to choose an extension, if your website targets globally, choose .com or if your site targets only one specific country, then select a country extension. Now let’s go back to the Hostinger hover over on domains tab and then click on domain name and search your domain name. You can also find complete information on “how to choose a domain name” or offer frequently asked questions on a domain name.

Now type here your domain name and press on search, which cost you first years as per domain price. Now Add to Cart click on view cart .whenever you buy a domain from, they provide a free SSL Certificate for the domain. Click on confirm order now. We need to create an account you currently give a mailing address, phone number, email address for your domain name, click on continue and scroll down continue now choose the payment method and pay for your domain name. Now click here and go to your dashboard. Once you are on your panel, you can see your domain name now copy your domain name and check it is it registered by hosting Keep Calm now our domain successfully registered through So far, we have to connect our domain name to the hosting platform.

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