Microsoft Surface Duo appears in leaked renders for AT&T

Image Credit - GSMArena & Evleaks
Image Credit - GSMArena & Evleaks

The Microsoft Surface Duo just announced in the October month and this leak share by reliable leaker Evan Blass.

The image shows the Microsoft Surface Duo closed & Opened. The front panel of Microsoft Surface Duo comes with clean a logo, and when open the Microsoft Surface Duo then you can see flash with a camera on top of the right corner, which is new to Surface Duo.

The pictures of Microsoft Surface Duo show that widget of Google Search on the first screen also with Date & Time widget, There also one Dock available withholding some official Microsoft apps like Microsoft Edge, OneNote & Outlook.

Microsoft Surface Duo
Image CreditGSMArena & Evleaks

The other screen Dock of Microsoft Surface Duo holding official Google apps – Google Phone, Messages & Camera App (Microsoft) with homescreen and third-party apps. You can see two folders, which is grouping with Microsoft & Google apps, with a shortcut to open Microsoft Edge & OneNote at a onetime on the two screens to take advantage.

In the Microsoft Surface Duo, there is one feature called “app groups”, which creates a pair of apps that you use at one time, so you can open both apps at the same time.

Blass also says that this Surface Duo comes with an AT&T Model, but we don’t see any carrier-branded Surface Duo this time from Microsoft.

We expected The Microsoft Surface Duo to arrive in July, but this not possible. Now, as per Microsoft, they invited their MVPs to attend a virtual meeting on 12th August 2020.


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