OnePlus Nord Review, The Truth of OnePlus Nord

Image Credit - Marques Brownlee
Image Credit - Marques Brownlee

OnePlus Nord is here it’s official as you probably already know. I’ll stand by this pretty much every part of this phone is second best for the price meaning there’s not going to be super standout flagship specs in any place in this phone, but all of them are going to be right up there with the best. The display of OnePlus Nord maybe the best example of this because OnePlus Nord have a 1080p 90-hertz OLED display, so not the bleeding edge, highest resolution, or highest frame rate but still quite lovely and I’ve said I like that. It’s a flat display, and that the bezels aren’t too thick now to pixel peep a little bit I do see some off-axis rainbowing and some tint issues, but it’s minor and overall this screen is better than fine.

Then OnePlus Nord comes with the specs Snapdragon 765G, and I’m using the model with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Now it’s no 800 series, and it is UFS 2.1 storage and honestly feels a bit slower, especially with the heavier stuff like launching the big apps like the games and the camera, that’s where it’s a little more noticeable, but overall it’s okay. You know OxygenOS for me has felt more or less like the same experience as the more expensive OnePlus 8 Plus. you have the bonus of 5g compatibility now.

Now I talked about the quality of the build feels good in the hand metal and glass, that’s not entirely true or accurate about this phone. It is glass on the front and the back also it has plastic rails along the outsides and metal buttons, so it’s metal glass and plastic not that there’s anything wrong with plastic. We see it all the time, especially in lower-priced phones and it’s technically more durable than glass. A lot of times here it is painted to look like metal, but like I said second best.

OnePlus Nord Review, The Truth of OnePlus Nord
Image CreditMarques Brownlee

Okay, so the other main things that we were waiting for the full review to talk about were the battery life and the cameras. So like “which do you want first the good news or the bad news?”. I think most people would probably pick the “good news”.The good news is the battery and turns out the battery is quite good. It’s a little over 4,100 mAh as you may remember and it was getting me comfortably through the end of all types of quarantine days, five hours of screen on time, no problem ending the lighter days with sometimes 20 or 30 left, and it was helped massively by it coming with the warp charger in the box. I can’t understate how important that was for this phone. Now it comes with the European plug-in the box since this phone’s not coming to us, but It happens to have us WARP Charge 30T Plug already.


I’ve been a fan of fast charging for along time, so this phone in the battery department doesn’t disappoint it’s in this price range only second place to like the crazy the more gimmicky energizer phone types you remember that did you guys know energizer made a phone the battery company that was a trip so then the cameras the bad news, and like it’s more of it’s just kind of a mixed bag at this point I think they’ve fallen victim to their own marketing department’s hype so

It’s a quad-camera system on the back. All right 48 MP primary camera with the hardware straight from the OnePlus 8, then an 8 MP ultra-wide camera a 2 MP macro camera and 5 MP depth sensor. Okay, let me try to be diplomatic here the primary camera is okay. It’s the same hardware as the OnePlus 8, but it doesn’t entirely take the same photos. I found it’s a little bit noisier, a little worse overall, but definitely in the same league decent photos if you don’t pixel peep too much, but once you zoom in you probably won’t be too impressed by detail or anything like that, it’s okay. The ultra-wide camera it does its job with the whole dramatic wide perspective for sure, but it’s immediately soft so no matter what the lighting conditions it just lacks the resolution fundamentally to match the quality of the primary camera in a wider field of view.

You’d need a higher resolution than the primary camera to achieve this, but you know maybe that’s just for flagships nevertheless I’m okay with that it’s here. So you can probably see where this is going the 2 MP macro camera on the back of this phone. The micro camera just unnecessary because it is so bad, and I think even OnePlus would know right away. It’s basically to increase the count of the cameras on the phone, and it’s not here to be a high-quality camera. You want to know the biggest tell the reason you know OnePlus knows this.

OnePlus 8 Pro has a macro camera, and there’s a software feature where if you get close to a subject, it automatically switches the camera to macro mode because it’s an excellent camera. It’s useful, and it’ll be a high-quality micro camera. This OnePlus Nord doesn’t do that. It never automatically switches to that separate macro camera because often the photos from this macro camera. This is worse than if you use the primary camera and get as close as you can and then crop in. That’s not an exaggeration seriously I try this a few times, and almost every time I take the photo from the main camera crop in a bit. When you put it next to the macro version, it’s usually better, and this makes the additional camera module feel pointless.

There’s the depth camera which in theory should make for some improved portrait shots, and they look pretty good mostly with some occasionally, quirky edge detection. Still, then i covered the depth sensor with my finger and kept shooting, and it didn’t complain once and continued to take the same quality portrait shots. I think it’s pretty clear OnePlus and, a bunch of other companies, it’s not just them but in phones like this. They want to put a triple, or a quad-camera set up so that it looks like visually it looks like one of those flagship phones and when you look at the spec sheet it says quad cameras just like a flagship, but because it’s not and they’re trying to save money. They have to cut the quality of at least that second and third camera so here’s a crazy idea I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but get rid of those last two cameras that are so bad.

The conclusion now in case I wasn’t abundantly clear I like this phone and with the promised two years of software updates and three years of security updates. I’m confidential could easily daily this phone for a couple of years and be happy. Still, the truth about OnePlus Nord is, this was inevitable like OnePlus right now doesn’t quite have the brand clout to compete at over a thousand bucks. Now that goals they’re getting there they’re closing in, but still like ask your five closest friends what they think of OnePlus phones and guarantee there’s a couple of them.

That hasn’t even heard of OnePlus yet, and that is tough to convince people to buy something at over a thousand bucks from a brand, they’ve never heard of over apple and Samsung. The dominating players’ first place which is all this name recognition for excellent high quality cheaper phones, so as their phones year after a year moved up and up and up over and over again in price it was inevitable that they had to come up with something down here to fill in the gap to keep building that brand cash and keep building that reputation.


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