Status of Jailbreak iOS 14 Beta 4

Status of Jailbreak iOS 14 Beta 4
Status of Jailbreak iOS 14 Beta 4

Status of Jailbreak iOS 14 Beta 4

Jailbreak iOS 14 Beta 4 – Today I want to tell you about the Jailbreak status of iOS 14 and also cover the status of the news iOS 13 version. These versions included with iOS 13.5.1 & iOS 13.6, Both are already patched by Apple.

Jailbreak Status of iOS 14 Beta 4 – NO!

There no jailbreak available for iOS 14 Beta 4. We apply both checkra1n (for Old device) & unco0ver (for New device). iOS 14 Beta 4 just released on 4th-5th august and jailbreak development take some time to jailbreak latest beta 4 of iOS 14. checkra1n now able to jailbreak previous version betas of iOS 14 (iPhone X or below). Because hardware flaws, not patched by Apple. We hope and expect from checkra1n to jailbreak iOS 14 Beta’s before the final release of iOS 14.

Jailbreak for the new devices (iPhone XS or new) we want more work on it. They need to know the new Kernal exploit to patched and jailbreak it. Stay tuned for it.

Status of Jailbreak iOS 14 Beta 4
Status of Jailbreak iOS 14 Beta 4

Jailbreak of iOS 13.5.1 & 13.6 status – NO!

Jailbreak of iOS 13.5.1-13.6 Not working on all devices. A mostly new device like iPhone XS-iPhone 11 series are not able to jailbreak a higher version of iOS 13 (public firmware) because it’s patched by Apple before its released.

However, Jailbreak for older devices like iPhone X or below, You can jailbreak it by Checkra1n. You should no surprise with the above status.

Jailbreak of iOS 13.5 status – Yes!

iOS 13.5 jailbreak is available for all Apple devices from iPhone 11, 11 Pr, 11 Pro MAX, iPhone XS, XS MAX, XR, iPad Pro, and all older devices. If you want to know How to jailbreak iOS 13.5 simply visit here for the tutorial.

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