What Time Will Apple Pre-Orders Start On 30 April?

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Pre-orders start for the new 24in iMac, iPad Pro and Apple TV 4K tomorrow, Friday 30 April.

This is exactly one week after Apple started selling the new AirTag and the purple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini models.

The surprising difference is that where last time Apple was clear that the pre-orders for the AirTags would start at 1pm in the UK, which translates to 5am PST, 8am EDT, 2pm CET, 10pm AEST, and so on, this time Apple has not confirmed a time at which the pre-orders will start.

However, we can confirm that Vodafone UK is indicating on their website that pre-orders for the iPad Pro will start at 1pm in the UK. Therefore it’s likely that the pre-order times will be exactly the same as they were last week:

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1pm BST, 5am PST, 8am EDT, 2pm CET, 10pm AEST.

You’ll be able to order the new products on Apple’s website

Apple hasn’t confirmed when the new iMac, iPad Pro or Apple TV will actually ship, but generally accurate leaker Jon Prosser indicates that Friday 21 May is the date – at least for the iPad Pro and Apple TV.

You will be able to pre-order the new products here:

It’s likely that the Apple Store will be offline all morning while Apple readies it for the new product orders. Read: Why is the Apple Store down?

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