What’s In macOS 11.4 And When Will Big Sur 11.4 Be Released?

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It’s not long since Apple released macOS Big Sur 11.3 with a number of new features (read: What’s in Big Sur 11.3) and Apple’s plans for the successor to Big Sur will be unveiled at WWDC on 7 June. You might think that would mean that Apple was wrapping up development work on Big Sur, but no: Apple is working on another update to Big Sur that will bring even more new features this summer. 

The third beta version of Big Sur 11.4 arrived on 10 May. The beta has shown up a few new features including support for the latest graphics cards from AMD. It is likely to bring a number of big and security fixes too.

Big Sur 11.4 release date

Big Sur 11.3 was months in the making, but it was a reasonably big update to macoS. We don’t expect macOS 11.4 to be as feature heavy simply because as Apple will be preparing to launch the beta of Big Sur 12 at the WWDC event on 7 June. Read about what’s expected at WWDC in our news round up.

Because we know WWDC will take place on 7 June we can be reasonably confident that we will see Big Sur 11.4 before that date, so a May update is possible. Alternatively the update could arrive following WWDC if new products launch at that event and require the software update.

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What’s in Big Sur 11.4?

It’s still early days, so not many of the new features are known,

When Apple released the third beta of Big Sur 11.4 it included support for graphics cards based on the AMD Navi RDNA2 architecture (6800, 6800XT and 6900XT).

It also seems that changes are coming to Apple Music that could lead to high-res audio.

There are also changes to the Find My app – which is on iPhones, iPads and Macs. The Find My app is where AirTags are managed and the new change will make it possible to provide an email address to be contacted on should an AirTag be found. Currently only a phone number is given. 

How to get the Big Sur beta

If you would like to join Apple’s beta program to get an insight into the new features and change that are coming read: How to become an Apple beta tester.

Before you install a beta you should be aware that beta versions usually contain a lot of bugs, so the installation is at your own risk.

If you are interested in participating in testing the new updates, you can go to the sign up for Apple’s beta software programme.

Apple also runs beta programs for iPadOS, tvOS, WatchOS, and iOS.

For more information read: How to get the macOS beta.

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