When is Black Friday 2020? How to get the best Apple deals

While Black Friday 2020 may seem ages away, the Black Friday season is closer than you think. That may raise alarm bells for savvy shoppers who want to get the best Apple deals ahead of the rush, there’s still sufficient time to prepare.

Gone are the days of Black Friday being a single day of bargains. Now, the discounts are rolling in for months. Amazon Prime Day took place in mid-October, and sales have continued across the web ever since.

In this article, we’ll answer your most popular Black Friday questions and offer you top tips to guide you through the discount carnage so you can find the best best deals on iPhone, iPad, Macs, and other Apple products.

When is Black Friday 2020?

Black Friday always falls on the day after US Thanksgiving. This year, the date is 27 November.

While the event itself falls on the tail-end of the month, discounts and deals will start rolling in well before then. Recent years have shown that Black Friday is no longer a singular event, but an entire period. Last year, we saw excellent deals creep in as early as October.

This is good news for shoppers for a couple of reasons. First off, it removes having to wait until November and then the inevitable frenzy for limited stock on an isolated day or week. Second, in a post-coronavirus world, pacing deals out over a series of weeks instead of days will no doubt help prevent delivery overloads.

This also allows Apple shoppers to explore Apple deals from other retailers, and not just from Apple’s own Black Friday promotion, which is fairly limited.

Amazon often has a mighty array of Black Friday Apple deals, while others worth checking out include Currys PC World and Carphone Warehouse.

Should I wait for Black Friday?

There’s no longer a need to wait until 27 November, as retailers will likely start launching deals earlier and earlier. If you see a good deal, chances are the price won’t go any lower on Black Friday.

Last year, Currys PC World started releasing early Black Friday pricing and promised customers prices wouldn’t drop further on Black Friday – and if it did, customers would be credited back the balance.

Oud’s advice is clear: if you see a good deal, don’t wait for the actual Black Friday date.

What is Black Friday?

On Black Friday, retailers offer huge discounts to shoppers ahead of the holiday season. It all began in the US, falling on the day after Thanksgiving, but over the past few years it has really taken off around the world, including here in the UK.

A more recent trend is Cyber Monday, which came about because it tends to be the busiest day of the year for online shopping. Cyber Monday always falls on the Monday after Black Friday.

Apple iPad 8

Best Apple deals 2020

Before we help you find the Apple deal for you, here’s an overview of some of the best Apple deals right now.

  1. Apple AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro is Apple’s ultimate in-ear headphones. They offer active noise cancellation and three sizes of soft flexible silicone tips for a customizable, comfortable fit. Right now you can get £40 off the usual price with Appliances Direct.

  1. Apple 13in MacBook Pro, 2.4GHz quad-core 512GB (2019)

This is a great discount off 2019’s top-of-the-range 13in MacBook Pro. It’s got a 2.4GHz 8th-generation quad-core processor and a generous 512GB SSD.

  1. Apple 27in iMac, 3.7GHz six-core, 5K Retina Display, 2TB Fusion Drive (2019)

Save money on the 2019 iMac with this deal from Currys PC World. This was the top-of-the-range six-core 27in a model that used to cost £2,249 (the equivalent now costs £2,299).

This model features a 9th generation Intel i5 processor and AMD Radeon Pro 580X graphics. Note that this includes 2TB Fusion Drive – Apple is now shipping all iMacs with SSDs as standard.

  1. Apple 21.5in iMac, 3.0GHz six-core, 4K Retina Display, 1TB Fusion Drive (2019)

You can get money off this 2019 top-of-the-range 21.5in iMac with Currys PC World. It’s the almost identical spec to 2019 entry-level 27in iMac, but way less money!

  1. Apple iMac Pro, 3.2GHz, 8-core Xeon, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 5K Retina display (late 2017)

The iMac Pro hasn’t been updated since it was introduced in 2017, but it is still one of the most powerful iMacs. It’s also the most expensive iMac – but Currys is offering money off!

Note that this is the 8-core model that Apple discontinued, which means you can now get the 10-core model from Apple for £4,999, but this is still a decent deal.

  1. Apple 13in MacBook Pro, 2.4GHz, quad-core, 256GB, Silver (2019)

Here’s saving on 2019 13in MacBook Pro with a 2.4GHz Quad-core processor – it’s the 256GB version that would have cost £1,699 at launch, while the newer equivalent retails at £1,799.

  1. Apple 21.5in iMac, 3.6GHz quad-core, 4K Retina Display (2019) with 256GB SSD

It might only be a small discount – and even smaller if you compare it to the £1,249 that this iMac was selling for before the ‘update’ in August, but the fact that you get a better SSD for less than the old model (which was hampered by the hard drive) makes this a decent deal.

  1. Apple 27in iMac, 3.1GHz six-core, 10th-gen, 256GB SSD (2020)

KRCS has already discounted the new 2020 27in iMac. You can get the 3.1GHz 6-core, 10th-gen, 2020 iMac for £1,709.05 – a really decent discount for such a new model.

  1. Apple 16in MacBook Pro, 2.3GHz i9 8-core 16GB/1TB Silver (2019)

John Lewis has money off the top of the range 16in MacBook Pro! It means that you can get the most powerful MacBook Pro laptop ever for much less than Apple’s asking price.

Earlier this summer John Lewis had an even more amazing saving (it was listed for £2,149, which is £650 off) but that sold out quickly!

  1. Apple MacBook Air, 1.1GHz quad-core, 512GB (2020)

This is the 2020 quad-core MacBook Air with 512GB storage. You can get it from Currys/PC World or there is a similar deal over at AO.com and Amazon.

  1. Apple MacBook Air, 1.1GHz dual-core, 256GB (2020)

You can get money off the 2020 MacBook Air from KRCS.

The deal isn’t quite as good as it was earlier this summer when you could get it for £899, but it’s not bad.

Amazon also has an identical deal on this model, but it has a long delivery time (up to two months!). You can check it out here.

  1. Apple iPhone XS (SIM-free)

A fantastic deal. The XS remains an excellent phone, despite having been effectively replaced by the iPhone 11 Pro.

  1. Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+ (44mm, cellular, refurbished)

From: Apple Refurbished Store

You can grab yourself a sweet deal on a refurb of the larger 44mm variant of the Apple Watch Series 4 right now. It’s the Nike+ edition too, with a cool matching sports band and Nike+ watch faces available too.

  1. Apple AirPods with Charging Case (2019)

BT is offering the AirPods with Charging Case for £30 less.

Will Apple have Black Friday 2020 deals?

Apple doesn’t specifically offer Black Friday discounts on its products, but the company does run a shopping event for four days, covering Cyber Monday too.

Last year, Apple offered a free Apple Store Gift Card worth up to £160/US$200 with qualifying purchases:

£40/$50 with selected iPhones, Apple TVs, HomePods, and Apple Watches
Up to £80/$100 with iPads and Beats headphones
Up to £160/$200 with Macs
Read our full 2019 coverage in our Apple Black Friday shopping event guide.

The catch, unfortunately, is that its newest products are typically not included – so we may not see offers on the new iPad, Apple Watch or iPhone.

That’s not all Apple did, though. The company teamed up with Shazam (which Apple now owns) to give away six months of Apple Music for free to new users (and three months of free music to lapsed subscribers).

Official Black Friday shopping event aside, we’d also keep an eye out on the Apple Refurbished Store for any discounts on iPhone handsets, iPads, Watches, MacBooks, and other devices.

You’ll be pleased to hear that you’ll find Apple products available with big discounts from third-party retailers in the UK and US on Black Friday, so Apple’s gift cards aren’t the only option.

How to get the best Black Friday (2020) deals

Spotting a good Black Friday deal takes a bit of work but luckily we have pulled together all the best Apple deals by-products in the following deal roundups. We include the prices that you would pay if you bought the product (or equivalent product) from Apple.

Our team of Apple experts is always scouring the web for the top deals, offers, and discounts on Apple products and accessories on sale, whether it’s Black Friday or not.

We use our knowledge of Apple, its products, and the retailers that sell them to highlight only the best money-off offers and weed out the deals that aren’t as good as they appear to be.

We have picked out the current best Apple deals we’ve found across all retailers in the UK below.

Where to find Black Friday Apple deals

In the UK, Apple Premium Reseller KRCS often offers some tasty deals on new Macs, while Currys PC World, John Lewis, and Laptops Direct also have deals on older models plus iPads and accessories.

Don’t forget to look for Apple discounts on Amazon, which is an official reseller, and for iPhone, deals try Mobiles.co.uk or Carphone Warehouse for the cheapest contracts.

Thousands of retailers across the globe are taking part in Black Friday, including:

Don’t forget Mac software deals either, especially on cleaning tools like MacPaw’s CleanMyMac, antivirus, and VPNs. See our separate roundups of the best Antivirus deals for Mac and best VPN deals for Mac.

If you’ve found that you’re missing out on Amazon’s Lightning deals, which run for just a few hours and offer limited stock, we’d recommend signing up for Amazon’s 30-day free trial of Prime, which will get you access to deals 30 minutes before everyone else. Plus, you’ll get free next-day delivery with the Prime trial, as well as access to Prime Instant Video and more.

Sign up for Prime now.

You may also find these articles helpful for deals on non-Apple products:

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