Where to Pre-Order the iPad Air (2020)


For the past few years, the iPad Air has been a halfway house between the entry-level iPad and high-end iPad Pro. It’s been for people who need some extra power, but don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on a device which may not replace their laptop. 

However, at Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ event, the new Air got its moment in the spotlight. Despite a design shift to look similar to the latest Pros, the slate was the very first Apple device to come with the A14 Bionic chip, as well as moving Touch ID to the power button. 

One thing we didn’t learn, however, was a specific release date. Here’s how you can pre-order the new iPad Air as soon as pre-orders are live. 

When will the new iPad Air be released?

Unlike the other hardware announced at Apple’s 15 September ‘Time Flies’ event, no concrete release date information was given for the new iPad Air. 


Apple simply said the device would be released “next month”, suggesting it’ll arrive sometime in October 2020. However, US retailer Adorama’s listing suggests the iPad Air 2020 will be shipping from 30 September, so it might be early in the month. 

How much does the new iPad Air cost?

There are four configurations to choose from, all of which are noticeably more expensive than the equivalent 2019 Air models:

  • iPad Air 2020 (64GB, Wi-Fi): £579/$599
  • iPad Air 2020 (256GB, Wi-Fi): £729/$749
  • iPad Air 2020 (64GB, cellular): £709/$729
  • iPad Air 2020 (256GB, cellular): £859/$879

Where to pre-order the new iPad Air

It perhaps goes without saying that the new iPad Air will be available to pre-order from the Apple site in the UK and US, but pre-orders are not live yet. 

It’s not confirmed which third-party retailers will stock the device, but based on past sales we’re expecting the following in the UK:

In the US, these are the likely candidates:

We’ll update this article once more information is known. 

What features does the 2020 iPad Air have?

The new iPad Air is a significant upgrade over its predecessor, now sporting a design similar to that seen on the 2018 iPad Pro. A new 10.9 in screen size has much smaller bezels, with Touch ID now built into the the power button instead of below the screen. However, there’s no Face ID support. 

Impressively, the Air is the very first device to sport Apple’s new A14 Bionic chip, with a serious boost in performance expected over last year’s A12. The single rear camera has also been upgraded to a 12Mp, f/1.8 sensor. 

Elsewhere, the new iPad Air also follows the Pro in shifting to USB-C, while there are new green and blue colour options to add to the existing Silver, Space Grey and Rose Gold.

For more information, here’s everything you need to know about the 2020 iPad Air.

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