Xiaomi released MIUI 12 in India without banned apps

MIUI 12 update
Image Credit - intallaght

Xiaomi released MIUI 12 in India without banned apps

Previously in India there 59 mobile apps banned, including the most famous TikTok, WeChat, and some Xiaomi systems app. Today Xiaomi official post a message on Twitter, that includes revealing the MIUI 12 update list with a schedule to all devices, but Xiaomi now removes all blocked app by the Indian Government.

The Xiaomi also promises to Indian Government 100% of data will be store on Indian Server and not share outside of India.

The new MIUI 12 update will come without any blocked apps pre-installed in MIUI 12 update or latest phones from Xiaomi, which is the good decision toward MIUI without Bloatware gives clean experience. The Update will Roll out in Phase mode and update get the device in the next few weeks.

The Xiaomi decided to bring the MIUI Cleaner app due to the app mostly used by Indian peoples and useful for fewer RAM phones are popular. The Xiaomi is not using the banned app like Clean Master, it was the most suspected app.

The Xiaomi talk about data protection and also confirm that they will be complying data privacy & security requirements before the update comes in India for all personal data move to our Local Indian server.



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